Saturday, December 30, 2006

2 Eids, 2 Opinions? That's not right...

I'm not trying to offend anyone, just expressing my opinion. We all have different views on our religion, and this is mine. I'm not forcing you to believe mine and if you're offended, I'm sorry.

For us Houstonians, lately, they'res been 2 Eids instead of one. The first one is the "Mecca" Eid {which falls on Saturday} and the other is the "Local" Eid {which falls on Sunday}. Which one to believe? Well, I'm just 13 so chances of you believing me is slim to none. But in Islam, age doesn't matter. I mean, Ali (may Allah let him RIP) was 10-13 when he converted into Islam. Anyways, let me continue.

The Mecca Eid people believe we should follow Mecca's Eid schedule; the rest of us think we should do whatever happens to where we live...locally! Now, I believe in the "Local Eid." The reason is simple.

The only reason people are celebrating Mecca Eid is either because (A) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did so or (B) it is the Holy City. Well, let's clear up reason A. The only reason Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) celebrated Mecca Eid was because he LIVED there. So, to him, it was a local Eid.

Let's clear this up even more. How did the Mecca Eid-people learn that today was Eid? Right, from TV, internet, other words, TECHNOLOGY. Now, lets think back 100-200 years ago or when Islam was invented. Let's think about the Muslims that lived far from Mecca. They had no technology, so no way to know when Mecca was celebrating Eid; thus, they followed their local time to celebrate Eid.

And why change all of a sudden and start following Mecca's Eid? Allah didn't tell us to; obviously, he was happy the way we used to 100s of years ago. In fact, just 5 years back, there was only 1 Eid.

And why follow Mecca time only half way? Why only for Eid? Why, follow it all the way, then! In the morning when most people read Fajir Namaz, read Zuhor/Asar (whatever the time it is in Mecca!) Get it? Good. It really annoys me that there has to ALWAYS be disagreement between Muslims. First, it was Sunnis and Shiites, now on Eid? Hello, people! Open up your eyes.

These are just technical, common-sense reasons. Even if you read the Quran, (which comes first before anything else since it's Allah's first) all the way, you will clearly learn why I say this. DO NOT let anything else interrupt or get in the way of Quran, even the Hadise. Allah's words COME FIRST. Period.

I'm not the mostest religious person in the world, but I am religious. And if I believe in something as much as this, it has to be right. :D

I don't mind "celebrating" Eid today. But for me and my family, this is like Chan Raat (Eid Night). I'm celebrating the real Eid tomorrow. And now you know why. ;)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bring on the Winter Break, Baby! today was the last day of school 'till X-Mas break! YES! I love the idea of no school (who doesn't?) It was an early release so I got out by 11:30!

Okay, so anyways, in 1st period Language Arts we watched Santa Clause, yes, but it was pretty good nonetheless!

2nd and 3rd period Math was spent watching Herbie Fully Loaded. Nice movie.

4th period was P.E. and all we did was sit, talk, play on our cell phones and talk on the phone. LOL.

Then, we got out. I ate mashed potatoes for lunch. Yummeh.

So, yes...this was pretty much my day today. ;)

Let's Talk About Me, Shall We?

Hey, I'm Fatima and I am 13 years old. I like animals, reading, writing, graphic making and MORE! I am a A+ student but I do not like to have high expectations. LOL. I like/hate school depending on the actual day; usually I hate it. ;)

I have an adorable cat, Cloudy. He is almost 3 years old (in April!) and is a pure living joy. I had a hamster recently who died at the age of 4 years; twice as long as her expected life span. May she R.I.P. I have also had a turtle and hermit crab previously.

I live with my dad, mom, two sisters and Cloudy. My sister Zanub is 10 years old (though she acts like 3, believe me!) and has a blog too (! She is hyper, crazy and active. LOL. My youngest sister, Aisha, is 5 and is crazy like Zanub. =)

I also have an extra blog which is more of my "Reading Log." Check it out at! Yippee.

I could tell you a LOT more about me, but I won't.=) Now on to the dailies!